Interior services in kolkata
Interior services in kolkata
Interior services Interior services

Dear Ma'am, All of my family members are awestruck with the concept and the quality of the work you have done for us. A big thanks for that. Will arrange one evening party as per your calendar. Regards, Rupak Sarkar, Akansha, beside Novotel, Rajarhat

Hi, I can recommend Axiom in Kolkata who has done my appartment very proffessionally and competently and therefore not cheap. You will find their email as I am copying this to them. - Anand Shome (Kolkata - South City)

Axiom Interior's work is excellent. Thank you for all your hard work. I would be really happy if I get the snaps of the people who have done this work provided this is ok. Would be good to put faces to the names. I have also booked another apartment through Axiom Estates, when I get the possession I would definitely call axiom. Kind regards, - Rathindra Ghosh (Bengal Srachi - Greenwood park extention) Rajarhat

Thank you Axiom for your true efforts in providing the customer services for my interior decoration and furnishing. When I went to see the flat, I was extremely pleased with the quality of the work. The entire process was transparent and was handled very professionally. - Jay Narayan Ghosh (Kolkata - Clubtown Estates)

We were more than happy to place a substantial order with Axiom Interiors. They have an eye for details and cater to individual taste. We had opted for their executive package and would love to recommend Axiom Interiors to all. - Susan Winsper (Goa - Palm Grove Villa), Rochester, UK

I visit Goa twice a year and the standard package Axiom Interiors offered for my apartment was perfectly suited for my requirement and budget. They customize packages to suit each client. - John Fernandez (Goa - Sapana Habitat), New Jersey, USA

Interior services
Interior FAQ
What will Axiom Interiors do for me?
Axiom Interiors undertakes to do up the interiors for non-resident owners and also for resident owners seeking to renovate their homes or to add fittings, furnishings, furniture and fixtures. Services cover interior design, carpentry, painting, procurement, fitting and finishing. We also arrange to install white goods such as air conditioner, refrigerator, geyser, washing machine and microwave. In other words, we do everything required to turn a house into a home anywhere in India.
Would you furnish a property that has not been purchased through Axiom?
Yes. Although our furnishing services were originally launched to assist clients buying property through Axiom Estates, over the years we have extended our services to all homeowners. Now anyone can benefit from our experience and pan-Indian presence, thereby turning their properties into homes they have always longed for.
How does furnishing the property benefit me?
Furnishing means that you can come and live whenever you wish in complete comfort. It also improves the value of the home in the rental market. As we also arrange tenants, we can ensure that you get excellent returns on your investment through enhanced rentals. You are welcome to enquire about the prevalent rates of a furnished & an unfurnished apartment in your city.
How much will furnishing cost?
We provide you the option of three packages: Standard, Executive and Luxury, covering all the essentials in furniture and furnishing. Special requirements, such as for white goods, are billed additionally. However, since we usually obtain bulk rates from manufacturers, in house costs are usually lower or at a par with market rates. In fact, all discounts received from the vendors for our bulk orders are given back to the clients to provide the best deal..
What do the packages include?
All furniture for living and bedrooms, modular kitchens, bathroom furniture, soft furnishings, light fixtures, and decorative accessories are included in basic packages. Some white goods, including an AC, TV, Washing Machine and Microwave are also covered. For complete details click on the link below.
Compare Packages
What is the difference between packages?
The main difference is in the quality of material used, and in some cases, in the amount of material used for the item. The luxury package also includes items such as rugs, paintings, murals, customised doors and foyers, which are not available in other packages. Finishing time is also greater for higher end packages.
Can I modify elements in the package if I want to?
The packages are for your convenience and can be modified if required. In general, we customise the interiors to your needs. All designs and items are decided in consultation with the client. It is not a rigid system.
What is the advantage of engaging Axiom Interiors?
It is not usually practical for non-resident owners to do the interiors themselves, invest time and bear travel expenses, or to coordinate with developers for properties under construction. Axiom ensures a professional standard of work with quality branded materials and design aesthetics within the stipulated budget. Often the total cost involved is less than doing it directly owing to volume discounts from suppliers. Perhaps most important, when you give the job to Axiom, all aspects of the work are clear and transparent for complete peace of mind.
How does Axiom go about its work?
For under-construction properties, Axiom takes possession 2/3 weeks before completion to begin work on the interiors so that the property is ready to live at the earliest. We handle all aspects of the finishing, including purchase of material, coordination of payments, installation of electrical fittings, and supervision of workers.
What does Axiom charge for consultation, layouts & designing?
Our consultation services are offered complimentary to clients if project execution is done through us. Designing, layouts, and estimations are also a part of our services. However, if only designing services are required, these are chargeable.

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