Interior designer in kolkata
Interior designer in kolkata
Interior designer in kolkata

I am writing to thank d Axiom Interiors for the successful completion of interior construction and furnishing work at my Flat 6-T-4 in Pristine Prudential, Vanelim, Goa, I just spent 10 days at the Flat with my wife and son. It went very well. The work on the kitchen, bathrooms and air-conditioning looked good and to our satisfaction. What is more important, I found your local designer, and setup to be especially efficient and helpful. I understand that he worked as the local site supervisor for our project. I found him to be very pleasant, attentive and willing to listen and address our needs and concerns. He is an asset to your company.I also want to thank AI for taking on this assignment and completing it on time and within budget.As a token of my appreciation, I am recommending your company a to my friend, Mr M. Rajaretnam, who has a 3-bedroom unit in the same complex and who would like to design his interior. I am copying this email to him and have already spoken to him personally.I also might seek your help again for some further interior work in my own apartment.- Amitav Acharya, Professor of International Relations School of International Service, American University, Washington, D.C., 20016, USA

Hi, I can recommend Axiom (Ms Chitralekha) in Kolkata she has done my appartment very proffessional and competent and therefore not cheap. You will find her email as I am copying this to her. - Anand Shome (Kolkata - South City)

Axiom Interior’s work is excellent. Thank you for all your hard work. I would be really happy if I get the snaps of the people who have done this work provided this is ok. Would be good to put faces to the names. I have also booked another apartment through Axiom Estates, when I get the possession I would definitely call axiom. Kind regards, - Rathindra Ghosh (Bengal Srachi - Greenwood park extention) Rajarhat

Thank you Axiom for your true efforts in providing the customer services for my interior decoration and furnishing. When I went to see the flat, I was extremely pleased with the quality of the work. The entire process was transparent and was handled very professionally. - Jay Narayan Ghosh (Kolkata - Clubtown Estates)

We were more than happy to place a substantial order with Axiom Interiors. They have an eye for details and cater to individual taste. We had opted for their executive package and would love to recommend Axiom Interiors to all. - Susan Winsper (Goa - Palm Grove Villa), Rochester, UK

I visit Goa twice a year and the standard package Axiom Interiors offered for my apartment was perfectly suited for my requirement and budget. They customize packages to suit each client. - John Fernandez (Goa - Sapana Habitat), New Jersey, USA

Hi all,I have had my property been furnished and fitted out by Axiom, I have beendealing with Darakshan from Axiom in head office, and Masood Ahmed in Bangalore.I had made 1st visit after design and planning, chose the laminates,colours, furniture etc. that was last October. Yes I did ask and prompt them for progress pictures which they did email me almost fortnightly so I could pick up any concerns.I was in Bangalore Last week, to inspect the final product, I am well pleased with the final product, Yes I would use them again. Kind regards, Govind Vekaria I Life , Marathalli ,Bangalore

Colour Psychology
Colours trigger different emotional responses. Consider yellow & black – the colours of road safety signs & bees, both of which signal a warning. Similarly, pink is linked with love & nurturing.

+ Blue - Especially turquoise & watery aqua, is a relaxing colour that also sharpens mental abilities.

+ Yellow – Especially in a strong shade, is energizing & stimulating. Use it in rooms destined for entertaining, as it will encourage conversation.

+ Green – It is a harmonizing colour, suits any room. But use it in moderation to avoid a stagnant feel.

+ Red – It is a highly stimulating colour.

+ Pink – It is soothing, especially pale pink, while deep pink acts more like red & promotes passion.

+ Purple – It is an uplifting colour & is difficult to live with when overused. Lilac, however, is calming.

+ Orange – It is another energizing colour that stimulates appetites. Avoid if you want to diet.

+ Black – It absorbs all colour & can be depressing, a barrier to energy. Deep brown has a similar effect.

+ White - White is also very hard to live with, as it reflects all colour energy back into the room.

Keep in Mind

+To paint a door in two colours, make sure the line where the colour change is pin sharp & straight. Use masking tape to ensure a perfect result, & take the colour onto the side that opens inwards.

+ If the join between walls & ceiling is not completely level, often the case in an older house, it's best to use the same colour paint on the ceiling & walls. Alternatively, introduce a new colour at dado rail height.

+Neutral schemes rely on a good range of textures & tones to be successful.

+In areas such as hallways & landing it helps to keep the woodwork & flooring consistent.

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